Bree’s story: Learning new languages with ease

This is Bree. Despite her desire and efforts to learn German for the last two years, Bree has been stuck in a cycle of learning and forgetting. Even after finding a well suited learning method, she felt that she lacked an adequate reward system, something to keep her motivated along the way. After doing some research, she discovered the 66-day habit tracker and decided to give it a try. Now, a few months later, we have gotten the chance to interview Bree about here experience with our product. 

Hi Bree! Why did you start using the 66-day habit tracker?

“Ever since I met my Austrian boyfriend, I have had the desire to learn how to speak German. I tried different apps and courses, later switching to books and podcasts. I struggled to stay motivated and make real progress with the language. And let's be real - for everyone whose first language isn’t German - it's tough to learn!"

"After finding a well-suited learning method called ‘Babbel’, I realised that I lacked an adequate reward system to keep myself motivated. I was doing the lessons here and there, but I wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be. So I searched online for some kind of behaviour tracking system and came across the 66-day habit tracker and simply decided to give it a go."

Why did you decide to give it a go?

"I had never seen anything like your habit tracker before. It seemed simple and as a  psychology student, I understood the mechanisms behind using positive reinforcement to shape behaviour. I also loved the Scandinavian design of the board and was happy to invest in something other than another hidden away habit tracking app.”

How did you use our tracker?

"I remember the board arrived on a Friday afternoon, so I took the weekend to prepare before jumping right into it on Monday. I placed the habit tracker on my desk to make sure it would always be in sight and remind me. After completing my daily goal of studying German for 30 minutes, I would insert a wooden dowel. It was fun seeing the progress visually and it gave me the extra motivation I needed to keep it up. My motivation actually increased as the dowels began to form a chain. I was determined not to break my streak! And even though it sounds simple - it worked for me!"

Looking back, how was your overall experience with the 66-day habit tracker?

"By July, I had completed my first full tracker while only missing a few days. Like with anything, on some days, life just got in the way. I just made sure I did my best not to miss two days in a row. By the way. I just passed my exam for German level A2 shortly after. "

Congratulations! What’s next for you?

"Well, studying German has become a habit so I am not sure yet what I will use it for next. Probably something a little easier this time, maybe stretching."