Frequently asked questions 

Why does the habit tracker have 66 holes?

According to research, it takes on average 66 days to change a habit. How long it exactly takes, depends on factors such as the individual person and their circumstances, but by following the average you are usually on the safe side. If you stick to a habit for 66 days, which equals one full 66-day habit tracker, your behaviour becomes automatic and a new habit is created. Congratulations!

What if I miss my daily habit goal?

First of all: it’s not the end of the world. Even for the most disciplined person, sometimes life just gets in the way. Research shows that a habit can be built as long as it is repeated consistently and for long enough. For that reason it is okay to miss one day, but you should not miss two days in a row as that would mark the start of a negative streak. When you try to develop a new habit, it’s beneficial to think about what you will do when you miss a day. That way you won’t feel bad if life gets in the way one day but rather know what to do.

Can I build multiple habits at the same time?

People who are trying to change several habits at the same time mostly end up changing none of them  in the long run. To prevent that, our products are designed in a simplistic way that only allows you to focus on one habit at the time. It’s not only more beneficial according to research, it also forces you to choose the one thing that is most important to you. After changing that habit, you can shift your attention to the next one!

Do habit trackers make a difference?

Studies have shown that people who are tracking their habits are more successful in changing them. Habit trackers keep you honest and accountable for the work that you have put in. They create a visual cue which reminds you to act and allow you to reward yourself for your success in the moment. This is a crucial part of habit development as your brain will start to crave this reward. Apart from that, it is also motivating to see your progress visualized.

What do I do if I am in the middle of building a habit and I am going on a vacation?

No need to worry. Most of our daily habits are tied to a certain location & time. For that reason it is easiest to build them when they are practiced at the same place and at the same time. If you are gone for a week, your brain will not encounter these cues as you are not in your usual environment. In that case you can have some time off as long as you get back into it the day you are back home. You can obviously still choose to practice your habit on your vacation, track it on a piece of paper and then fill in the missing days on your tracker when you are back.