It all started in Lund, a small student town in the south of Sweden. Two students, Felix and Joost, were doing their master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University.

Both of us have been into personal development for quite some time, yet after all the self-help books, seminars and online courses, we still had the feeling that something was missing. Simplicity. 

Too many times we were trying to form better habits by setting goals and writing huge to-do lists for ourselves, creating a rush of motivation that then faded away after a few days.. So we were looking for a simple and cool way of tracking our daily progress, something that would be around to remind us of our goals and motivate us to keep working towards them. We found out most tools aimed at creating better habits 
were either too complicated, ineffective or digital. 

That's why we
 used our rare free time next to our studies to come up with a simple solution that we would actually use and enjoy. 
The result after countless brainstorming sessions, feedback from our study colleagues and hours in open workspaces was our first product – the 66-day habit tracker  – A simple solution, built on psychological principles.
We were excited to soon find out that we were not the only people looking for simple products to track progress towards personal goals and create better habits. So we decided to start with a small online shop to help people create a better version of themselves.
After growing demand we went back to the drawing board and created our second product – the 30-day challenge tracker – a smaller version of the first one. It is for everyone who is up for a fun challenge to improve themselves.
Fast forward to today, Joost has taken on different challenges and our business has moved to Vienna where Felix is still working on helping people to become the best version of themselves!