September Inspiration

Just reaching out to remind you that it is the beginning of a new month – a perfect opportunity to start something new, get rid of a bad habit or simply challenge yourself.

Even if are busy as most of us, you could start with something small – something that only takes a few minutes each day. You will see once you have done it for a few days you will feel better and maybe that new thing even turns into a habit or something that inspires others around you! 

And to make the start as easy as possible for you, we have gathered some ideas for your next 30-day Challenge from our community! 

30-day Challenge ideas

Write a diary – Reflecting on each day in the evening can be a nice way to wind down and see things that happened to you from a different perspective. Also this challenge takes only a few minutes and could bring great benefits to your life. 

Go for a short walk – This one will not only keep you active, it could also be a great way to practice being in the moment. If you get to work by public transport, you could make it a habit to get out 1 or 2 stops earlier, or even walk to work if it is close by. 

Compliment a stranger – Okay that might be more challenging than it sounds but it is a great way to crush your comfort zone, expand your social skills and make people's days while doing so! This could take you as little as 1 Minute on your way to work ;) 

Gym/Workout – You could do a mix of Gym, home and outdoor workouts to keep it exciting. You could also get started with some Yoga!

Learn a new language – Obviously, mastering a language will take years and not only 30 days, but practicing every day for a month could be a good foundation to really get into it. Try using an app like Babbel or DuoLingo.


By the way, you don't need one of our 30-day Challenge Trackers to do a 30-day Challenge ;)

But if you are looking for a nice decoration for your home that keeps you motivated, check it out here.